Thursday, August 18, 2011

Einstein loved his ice cream!

While emailing with Belinda Saville, who made for me a gorgeous custom set of jewellery for my mom's birthday, she was encouraging me to get started making things again.  I thought about making Einstein. I'm not sure why....then I imagined him with an ice cream cone. Upon hitting google...

The first thing that Einstein did upon his arrival in Princeton, N.J. in 1933 was to purchase an ice cream cone.  His choice was a vanilla ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles.  A Princeton student observed Einstein’s first culinary adventure in Princeton and recalled, “The great man looked at the cone, smiled at me ... and pointed his thumb first at the cone and then at himself.”
From  What The Great Ate

I like to imagine now that if he had the choice, Albert would love him some mint chocolate chip :-)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Distress inks and Glimmer mists and Dapper Gents!

I ordered this entire set of Tim Holtz distress ink refills....It will be so fun to experiment with these colours! They come in tiny bottles with little droppers, perfect for dispensing, and they are water soluble so you can create interesting watercolour effects!

I also ordered a few of these Glimmer Mists by Tattered Angels. They are coloured sprays with bits of shimmer in them. I have been curious about these for some time now and not sure what to expect!

Upon doing some Googling, I found this beautiful Steampunk style tag from Stamptramp. I just adore it....I am a bit of a sucker for steampunk but find that a lot of steampunk-themed items go a bit overboard on the gears and gadgets. I like balance!

And here is another from cute! You've gotta love these dapper gents :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Experiments with pencil and fabric markers!

The things you can do with fabric....there are so many options! Have you ever heard of graphite on fabric? I haven't either but a matt sealer should help to keep the surface smudge free!

Now that I have a new blog up and running, I feel motivated again to create! I am so excited to share what I make with you!  I wonder what these two will become...

Never before seen!

Well,  by anyone besides my boyfriend Chris!

This was my first attempt at making a bib my style!

This was intended as a gift for my very best friend, Vanessa! It's because I am lazy that she hasn't received it yet. Vanessa, if you want to wear it, it's yours dollface!

Yes, that's a piece of buttered toast ;-) I worry about myself, sometimes!


Welcome to my new little happy place!